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R.I.Vera- Biography

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John is the name chosen by God and passed on to his mother, Rivera is the name inherited from his ancestors, R.I. Vera is a product of John’s process, searching who he is. His mother’s side of the family had a strong musical background, his father’s side was strong in heart and in attitude both of Puerto Rican descent.  Hailing from the home of Larry Holmes, Easton P.A., born April 26th 1989 he spent half of his twenty-two years up north where he was amongst common brotherly love no matter race or creed which instilled great character at an early age. Like many people he went through good times and bad, finding other resources like family, friendship and love to make up for the materials he and his family lacked. Once he found music he found a moment in time where time stood still and no longer existed. He and his boys would sing when they were younger, kicking it in the alley or by the A-Z bodega reciting songs from Boyz II Men, Az Yet, Keith Sweat, Dru Hill, Donnell Jones, Genuine,  etc., to name a few. They would practice for performances for school showing off for the ladies in class. Once he hit puberty he never sang again, and then came rap. His sister would freestyle provoking him to battle back; he has not stopped since, continually molding from; doing it for fun, doing it for freedom of his hardships, for the character of Rap, for the people, the city, his peace, his passion and pride. At the age of ten he was forced to move with his family down to Ft. Lauderdale Florida, leaving everything he knew and loved behind. All his friends, from his hometown Easton, played a huge role in his introduction to music and, with the help from their older siblings, how to integrate music with your everyday life.  They are all people he thanks for being a significant part of his youth. The move to Florida was hard for R.I. Vera causing him to get in to trouble for the remainder of his youth but adapted to survive without changing who he wanted to be. He also would like to thank those who have been a part of that process and has stuck with him through thick and thin. Now with a mixture of influences from his journey, R.I. landed at Demolition Squad Entertainment. He, DJ Pitt and Jon, C.E.O, had a rapport from their younger years playing little league football with Jon’s older brother as one of R.I.’s coaches and his nephew Ant being one of R.I.’s first friends in South Florida. R.I. stated what brought him to the label was “the confidence Jon, C.E.O, has in my music”. So here they are R.I. Vera and Demolition Squad Entertainment, excited to be a part of an all-star cast and, “Ready To Make History-R.I. Vera”. 

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